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VirSec IT Professional Services: Meet Technology & Business Goals

Technical Consultants and Project Solutions to Make You an IT Hero

To help complete your strategic IT goals and give your organization a competitive advantage, we deliver a comprehensive suite of professional services across a wide array of technologies and solutions. From migrations to IT assessments, we have the expertise you need to take your organization’s IT to the next level and ensure your project and strategy are aligned with your VirSec Technlogies Strategic IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Services.


Running IT initiatives on top of ongoing projects is challenging.

When it comes to managing IT initiatives, incorporating hyper-specialized technical expertise can be difficult. As your organization grows, strategic IT initiatives are critical for gaining a competitive advantage over larger enterprises, but those larger organizations have vastly more resources to devote to IT. Between a lack of expertise and resources to the growing and changing complexity of IT, meeting your strategic IT goals is a challenge, making outsourcing to an IT vendor the best option.

IT Professional Services drive strategic projects forward

Our technical consultants enable your organization to be the best at what it does. We have the right scope of capabilities, expertise, and knowledge of your environment to help your business complete the strategic IT initiatives it needs to be competitive and succeed.

IT Consulting

Technical consultant services help you understand where you want to take your business, how IT can be transformative in meeting those goals, and what IT structure needs to be in place to get there.

Business Consultation
Team Project

Project Services

Our technical consultant team has deep expertise on a wide range of technologies to help see your IT projects to completion. VirSec Technologies has the technical resources to support you whether we are managing the initiative or working alongside your internal team.

Application Development

Application development services to integrate the right solutions into your environment in a way that works best for your organization.

Working Together on Project

Benefits of VirSec Technologies Professional Services

Knowledge of Your Environment
As a VirSec Strategic IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Services customer, you work alongside an existing vendor that has comprehensive knowledge of your environment.

VirSec meets your organization where you are. Whether you do not know where to start or just need a little support, our technical consultants can help. We have over two decades of experience managing projects to help businesses thrive.

Meet strategic goals by utilizing a dedicated team with a deep bench of certified experts that adhere to industry best practices (e.g., PMI, ITIL).

A Strategic Partnership
Our IT strategy experts, project managers, and technical consultants work together to deliver meaningful results on time, within budget. When we help you meet your goals, we all succeed.

Dedicated technical consultants help your infrastructure and beyond.

  • Unlike many MSPs, our IT Professional Services Organization is solely focused on providing strategic insight and project management and is a separate function from our IT management services.

  • Additionally, our IT Professional Services integrate with Managed Infrastructure and Managed Cybersecurity, leading to optimized project plans and strategy that utilizes the actual current state of your IT environment.

  • IT Professional Services organization dedicated solely to consulting and IT projects
    Deep bench of technical expertise
    Informed scope and project plans when integrated with managed services

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