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Graphic & Web Design Services

Graphic & Web Design Services

Our website and graphic design services help bring your vision to life and deliver a solid, consistent brand image that will make you stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Modern Creative Office

First Impressions Matter

What type of first impression do you want to make? Friendly? Intelligent? Sexy?

No matter what your vision is, our creative team of web and graphic designers can help bring your vision to life. We integrate brand strategy with sleek design, clever messaging, and compelling visuals to make your business easy to find but hard to forget. Whether it’s a logo, a business card, website or sales materials, we help clients leave a lasting impression.

Website and Graphic Design Services We Offer

  • Branding

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design & Development

  • CMS Integration

  • Website Maintenance


Logo Design and Branding

Your logo is the most important step in cultivating your brand identity, so we pay special attention to this critical tool. We work with you to design a logo that sets the tone for the image you want to portray and reflects the personality, identity, and values of a brand. Our graphic design team will create a tailored style-guide to advise you on the best practices on logo usage, colors, and messaging to suit your unique brand.

Maintaining brand consistency can be challenging. That’s why the VirSec works with you to develop an alluring brand strategy that can be used consistently across all of your marketing materials so your company can stay in the spotlight. Leverage our talented team of designers to create your new brand identity.

Web Design

Your website is the most effective marketing tool you possess. A modern, intelligently designed website, can mean the difference between a lead converting on your site and moving further down the sales funnel, or leaving and forgetting they were ever there.  Our web design services utilize intelligent design strategies to create a remarkable website that is easy to navigate, search-friendly, and mobile-responsive, so visitors can easily consume and share valuable information. We also take the time to understand the buyer’s journey, so that we can optimize our clients’ websites for lead conversion.

We will handle the entire web design process, from strategy and wireframes to content development, layout, and search engine optimization. We even provide design packages that offer ongoing website management, so that your time can be spent managing your business.

We are fluent in most major content management systems (CMS) including:


Graphic Design

Your business needs an effective visual strategy in order to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s not enough to just rely on exceptional content. You make your marketing efforts more impactful by pairing valuable content with a visually appealing design. We coordinate with you to make sure your design project comes in on-budget and on-time..

Our creative graphic design team expertly crafts attractive and compelling pieces including:

  • Trade show displays

  • Sales literature

  • Brochures

  • Mailers

  • Product catalogs

  • eBooks

  • Case studies

  • Logo & brand style guides

  • Infographics


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