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Connect Your Workforce with Reliable and Streamlined VirSec Managed Communication and Collaboration

Connectivity is Key For Productivity

In today’s environment, your workforce needs to be connected no matter where they are and at all times. VirSec can implement a cost-effective, highly scalable communication and collaboration solution that provides users with all the benefits of a traditional telephone system, plus an extensive set of rich collaboration features.

Managing multiple communications platforms for a distributed workforce can be time-consuming, costly, and lead to lost productivity.

Whether managing an on-premise, legacy solution or keeping up with the management of multiple communications platforms, ensuring your communication and collaboration solutions are secure and always accessible can take away your IT department’s focus from more strategic initiatives.

VirSecc Managed Communication and Collaboration streamlines your communications and delivers high standards of reliability and security.

Our Managed Communication and Collaboration offers a variety of solutions to keep your company connected. Our expertise and industry partnerships can help you identify and implement the right communication solution to fit your needs, overall ensuring business continuity, reducing complexity, and enabling mobility for your organization.


Key Services Include:

Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS)

UCaaS is a single cloud communications solution offering integrated voice, video, messaging and team messaging. We can help find the right technology and capabilities for your workforce needs.

Top UCaaS features include:

  • Hosted PBX

  • Video Conferencing

  • Instant Messaging

  • Mobile Apps

  • Desk and softphones

  • Toll-Free and Local Numbers

Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS)

Support and communicate with your customers seamlessly with CCaaS. This cloud-based, high-quality customer experience solution allows your company to achieve inbound and outbound communication with customers or prospects.

Top CCaaS features include:

  • Intelligent Call and Email Routing

  • Integrations with CRM, Database and RESTful API

  • Workforce Optimization and Management

  • On-Demand Access to Customer Account Information and History

  • Voice, Email, Chat, and Social Media Channels


Increased productivity and reduced complexity through a centralized, user experience with UCaaS

  • Quick and easy management / maintenance of any feature or setting for every employee remotely via a single secure online portal

  • Single centralized system for the entire organization via direct extension dialing across all locations

  • Increase employee productivity by enabling the option to work from anywhere

  • Ability to control caller ID on outbound calls

  • Real-time detailed reporting and analytics

  • Face-to-face collaboration with clients in real-time via video conferencing

  • Access to check voicemail, fax, video conference, and make calls from any device

  • Quickly and easily reroute calls, enable emergency overrides, and access features even if the physical location unable to open

Provide the best customer experience and build loyalty with CCaaS.

  • Quick scalability to effectively react to market, seasonal, or objective changes

  • Deliver high-quality omni-channel customer experiences (Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media)

  • Reduce need for large, upfront capital expense and pay only for resources and services used

  • Avoid productivity disruptions and increase business continuity
    Advanced reporting and analytics to evaluate customer experiences


The VirSec team has the expertise and relationships to get the right solution in place for your business.

  • Access to a dedicated solution team with years of industry experience

  • Vendor agnostic approach – we design the solution based on the need identified during our discovery

  • Ability to leverage vendor relationships to obtain better pricing, eliminating the need to go direct

  • Simultaneously quote multiple vendors

  • End-to-end support through the entire sales process (i.e., design, implementation, installation, testing, and management)

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