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VirSec Managed User Supports Users Where They Are, When They Need It

We Deliver Best-in-Class IT Application Support Services

Supporting your end-users can be time-consuming. Fully optimizing and securing their technology can be near impossible. Let us take care of your IT application support services so that you can focus on your business.

Managed User helps organizations focus on their strategic IT initiatives and increase productivity through best-in-class end-user support. With a 24x7 multi-channel service experience, you can rest easy knowing your employees are supported with efficient technology that enables them to drive your organization’s mission forward.

Managed User and IT application support services include options for:

Business Meeting


Our support integrates with our managed endpoint services to keep your end-users technology up-to-date, optimized, and secure.

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Global Service

Our 24x7 multi-channel remote service desk provides immediate assistance to ensure any issues your end-users face are resolved quickly.


Line of Business
Application Support

We can provide the support your organization needs for its unique applications for both your employees and your customers.

With Managed User, Power Your Workforce With

Best-In-Class Support

Delivered by a deep bench of certified, technical experts that utilize proven processes and leading technologies, we provide a seamless customer experience.


We provide multi-channel communication options and support your users where they are and when they need it.


As your organization grows, we make scaling your end-user and managed user support easy so you can focus on the bigger picture.


FAQs about Managed User and IT Application Support Services:

  • How does this solution support my organization?
    We unencumber IT leaders so they can focus on strategic digital transformation rather than end-user support. Our Managed User provides a 24x7 best-in-class user experience that supports your workforce where they are and when they need it.
  • What kind of support is provided with Managed User?
    We offer a multi-channel support experience with options for U.S. only and 24x7 support. All services include financially backed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), custom local numbers, documentation portal access, and standard reporting.
  • How does this solution integrate with other services?
    Our Managed User solution integrates seamlessly with our other IT offerings so that your IT support is optimized across your environment.

Explore our frequently asked questions below if you’re looking for more information on Managed User. Have a different question or want to learn more?

Contact us to speak to one of our certified experts.

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